This page contains a list of published and accepted (but yet to appear) papers to which I have contributed. Published work on which I am the first author also contains links to Postscript and PDF versions of the paper.

Another list of my publications is available on the Signal Processing Microelectronics website, containing those publications relating to my previous work at the University of Newcastle.

Journal Papers
A VLSI 8x8 MIMO near-ML decoder with preprocessing
Authors: G. Knagge, M. Bickerstaff, B. Ninness, S.R. Weller, G. Woodward
Published Journal of Signal Processing Systems Vol. 56, No. 2, pp. 229-247, 2009

Silicon Complexity for Maximum Likelihood MIMO Detection Using Spherical Decoding
Authors: D. Garrett, L. Davis, S. ten Brink, B. Hochwald, G. Knagge
Published IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits Vol. 39, No. 9, 2004

Conference Papers