Please only contact me regarding genuine research related queries - unfortunately, I do not have the time to respond to requests from undergraduates seeking help on projects, but I invite you to explore my site instead.

To establish initial contact, please send email to the temporary address of "rc981[-=at=-]" (replace the "[-=at=-]" with "@"), after which I may give you a more permanent contact address.

DO NOT send review requests or CFPs to this personal address - that is what work email is for, so they will be regarded as blatant spam and deleted without further reading.

Please note that I am not affiliated with a university at this time, and hence not eligible to supervise students.

This temporary address may change if it is added to unwanted mailing lists, but the current address will be posted here.

If, for some reason, the above method does not work, you may also try using this alternate contact form. However, please be aware that responses to this form are generally slower than email.